• POKIRUN FREMONT The quality was great & yummy.

  • The fish is decently fresh. My favorite part about it

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I don't know why I didn't start coming to this place sooner! The quality is great & the service is wonderful. Quality/ Food:
The quality was great & yummy. The fish was decently fresh. My favorite part about it, complimentary seaweed salad, avocado, & crab! COMPLIMENTARY. Haha I'm so frugal at times, so any free add-one, I'm all about it. A lot of places tend to charge for the add-ons, especially the avocado so this place is amazing for going the extra mile & making it part of the free add-ons. Lots of choices to to choose from too here! I got my go-to salmon & tuna.

The lady that rung us up was so so sweet & helpful. I have a soft spot for sweet ladies, so had to give her an extra tip. Even though they were close (ish) to closing, she was still so helpful & in a good mood.

This place is in a plaza with lots of other stores, so parking is super easy & there's lots of parking.

Love this place! Love the sign!! Haha. I'll definitely be back! :)

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